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Hi, and welcome to my blog. I suppose you already guessed my name by now, and probably what I do as well. But I really have to fill up this page, because it looks much better with some content rather than empty. So here you go - my biography:

I work on my own as a web application developer, with interest in open web standards, and in open source frameworks and CMSs like Django and WordPress.

Back in the days of table-based layouts, I never had any interest whatsoever in front-end web development. Anytime into a web project, you’d find me writing back-end code. Today things have changed, so I am doing both, back and front-end programming. So what has changed? Actually, many things. Briefly speaking, front-end coding has become much more challenging and it is gradually getting rid of proprietary plugins in favor to open web standards, and therefore it has captured my interest and it is now part of my job.

Besides writing code, I do Linux administration on a small scale in addition to Asterisk telephony installation and setup. And by the way, my development environment is plenty of Linux - my favorite and number one server and desktop operating system.

Prior to returning back home and while in the Netherlands, I worked for one year in the R&D department of a Rotterdam based company, where much of the stuff I did was related to Geo location, Google maps and the Google Web Toolkit (GWT).

Education wise, I graduated from the Lebanese University with a “maitrise” degree in computer science, and then I moved to Amsterdam, where in 2007, I obtained my Master degree of science in Grid Computing from the University of Amsterdam.

Away from the 0s and 1s, I watch and play football. The real football. The one that attracts millions of people every four years. I also like to hang out with my fiancee and when in the mood, we go for a salsa dance.