Contact Me

Please use the form below to contact me.

I welcome any type of topics you would like to share or discuss with me, including criticism. But still, the contact form (not me. kidding!) prefers messages about:

  • New projects

    In case you have a project that you like to discuss with me, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I am currently available to take new freelance work.

  • A job opportunity

    If you have an exotic job opportunity, in which you think I can fit.

  • Education

    If you need me for a course or a lecture. Obviously, it has to be in proximity to IT in general or precisely Web, Open Source stuff, Linux, and the like.

  • Discussion and Help

    If you are a programmer, an administrator or just a curious techy, and you think I can help you solve something you are stuck at, you are welcome to contact me. And I also welcome new suggestions and ideas for cooperative work.

The above list is not really mandatory, so you still can contact me for totally other reasons.

You can also get in touch using the various social network services, which I last saw references to them in the right sidebar.